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Scarlett #1 Lauren Wright Exclusive - Metal Variant

Scarlett #1 Lauren Wright Exclusive - Metal Variant

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An Absent Minded Studios Publication

Writer: Ray Zweeres
Interior Artist: Erwin Prasetya
Cover Artist: Lauren Wright

Scarlett, A charismatic live streamer, unexpectedly finds herself trapped within a haunting video game world. As she confronts nightmarish foes and enigmatic puzzles, her viewers watch in awe, and rally to help her as the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds blur. Scarlett's journey reveals deeper mysteries, ancient legends, and unexpected alliances. With ever level, the stakes rise, challenging Scarlett's courage, wit and heart. Will she escape the abyss, or become it's next victim? Dive into a tale where technology, myth, and reality intertwine. 

An alluring live-streamers' game turns hauntingly real: devoted fans guide her through a chilling virtual labyrinth. 

A Very limited print run of only 10 books!
Metal books shipped in a comic top loader! 

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